martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

¿Qué malos hábitos de la vida real te ha provocado la programación?

Esa pregunta en stackoverflow ha motivado la friolera de 457 respuestas, cada una más delirante que la otra. Es gracioso (¿o triste?) constatar que lo que uno imagina como pequeñas y personalísimas manías son en realidad taras compartidas por miles de programadores alrededor de todo el planeta.

Algunas de las tantas con las que me he sentido identificado:

I tend to take things hyper-literally. For example, my wife was annoyed when she used to ask "Do you want to take out the garbage?" (no) instead of "Will you take out the garbage?" (yes). […]

Q; Do you want tea OR coffee?
A: Yes

I really need control+Z in real world.

I find that sometimes I speak very precisely, and get irritated when somebody […] doesn't appreciate the precision of what I said, and treats what I said kind-of sort-of similar to what I said.[…]

Believing that being right is enough.

Believing that people will listen to reason.


If I ask a question that's yes/no, I have serious difficulty processing an answer that isn't either one of those.

For instance, Q: "Do you care if I flip the channel?" A: "I'm IMing my sister."

To me, this is like: public bool canFlip() { return "I'm IMing my sister"; }

The return value here is clearly a string, and supposed to be a bool. From the other person's end they're answering the question. From mine they've just committed an invalid cast error. If I ask again and they answer the same, well, that's throwing an exception in a catch block.

… y esas son sólo un par de las primeras, casi que las pondría todas.

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