lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

La historia del C.

c-language Hace poco posteaba Una breve, incompleta y casi completamente inexacta historia de los lenguajes de programación. Siguiendo con el revisionismo histórico les presento History of the C family of languages, de Billy S. Hollis.

Tiene sus perlas, como esta:

1986 – C becomes so popular that industry analysts recommend writing business applications in it. They argue that applications written in C will be portable to many different systems. Many of these industry analysts are suspected of being under the influence of hallucinogens.

y ésta:

1997 – Taking the advice of hallucinating industry analysts, Corel decides to rewrite all their applications, including WordPerfect, in Java. The end result is the first known word processor that is slower to use than a typewriter.

…el autor, por otro lado, no oculta cuál es su equipo preferido:

2000 – J2EE finally works, sort of. Just about the time all the Java vendors are ready to start making money on it, Microsoft announces .NET, which includes almost all the features of J2EE except the outrageous cost. In fact, Microsoft decides to give .NET away free for Windows users. Scott McNealy is so outraged he files another irrational lawsuit against Microsoft.

No se pierdan, en la misma línea: History of the Microprocessor y History of the Basic Family.

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